5 August 2012


Name: Xandra Fuentes Nadela

Age: 20yrs young
Birthdate: June 28, 1992
Birthplace: Pagadian City, Philippines
Nationality: 100% Filipina

When did you start Loving Fashion?

                         - I simply loves start fashion when Im still in my fourth year in highscool and its more highten
                            when I stepped in college. Where people I see around has their own sense of style and
                            on how they express themsleves.

What is your sense of style?

                         - I am more in Light and sometimes edgy colors. Depending on my vibes where I can feel
                           comfortable enough. And also love tutus and little black dresses <3

How can you define Fashion?

                          - Fashion for me is expressing my self to serve as an expansion of my personality. We can
                            also use fashion to disguise your true self.

Reasons Why I start a Blog?

                          - To express my thoughts and opinions
                          - To have fun a be creative
                          - To make a difference
                          - To establish myslef as an expert (rach)
                          - To connect with people like you

TADAAAH ! So lets start this blog kickin on tuesday for my first Outfit Blog post :) Keep em coming guys !!

my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TheSkinnyStylista-by-Xandra/406512812729687

Twitter: @xandraExclusive
and you can E-mail me here: xandranadela@gmail.com

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